Las clases de conversación con grupos reducidos y profesores nativos son una excelente ayuda extra al aprendizaje del inglés, pero, ¿sabes ya por qué deberías apuntarte a nuestras clases de conversación?

Al practicar el idioma mejoras la fluidez al hablar y al escuchar, además de aprender nuevas y diferentes formas de expresarte que te ayudaran mucho a la hora de comunicarte.

Descubre aquí nuestras modalidades de clases y elige la que mejor se adapte a tus necesidades.

English / Spanish for children

With our philosophy of “learning made fun” we will help your child to learn English / Spanish through play. Our private classes will provide a second or even a third language to our children that will have an incalculable value throughout their lives.

English / Spanish for adults

In our English / Spanish group classes for  adults, we use dynamic and fun methods with a wide variety of techniques and resources. Each group consists of a maximum of ten students, ensuring that each and everyone of them receive the personal attention they need.

Individual classes

With our individual English / Spanish classes you will reveive a more personal approach to your oral learning. We will create a customized programme depending on your level, style and the objectives you want to achieve, guaranteeing faster learning.

Intensive English / Spanish courses

Our intensive English /Spanish courses are perfect for preparing specific topics in a short time. Whether it’s an important trip, summer vacation, a conference or simply because you want to learn at a faster and smoother pace.

Do you know what level you are?

Have you just started speaking English / Spanish or have you been speaking it for a while? Do you need it for work? Are you a little rusty? Are you going back to school? We have English / Spanish classes for all levels, from zero to the most advanced (C2)

Further information

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What level are you?

We need to know your level before we know which English  / Spanish class you need to sign up to.  Here is our a free English / Spanish level test.
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