Our Philosophy

Learn and Have Fun

Learning English / Spanish can be very fun, at Madd Academy you can learn quickly and have fun at the same time. We interact constantly with our students to ensure that they enjoy their classes.

Small Groups

In our small English / Spanish group classes, you have more time to learn and speak English / Spanish while also receiving feedback from the teacher. That’s why at Madd Academy our classes have a maximum of 10 students.

Individual Classes

Whether you are preparing for an oral exam, want to improve your conversational skills in general or in a specific area, surely you need exclusive dedication, that’s why we offer you our individual English / Spanish classes that will surely make you improve quickly

Our Method

With our method you will be able to speak English / Spanish quickly and fluently, in an easy way and from scratch. We apply the “listen-talk” method that guarantees learning in a natural way. We use multiple resources to make learning English / Spanish fun for children and adults.

Choose your English / Spanish class

English / Spanish for children

With our philosophy of “learning made fun” we will help your child to learn English / Spanish through play. Our private classes will provide a second or even a third language to our children that will have an incalculable value throughout their lives.

English / Spanish for adults

In our English / Spanish group classes for  adults, we use dynamic and fun methods with a wide variety of techniques and resources. Each group consists of a maximum of ten students, ensuring that each and everyone of them receive the personal attention they need.

Individual classes

With our individual English / Spanish classes you will reveive a more personal approach to your oral learning. We will create a customized programme depending on your level, style and the objectives you want to achieve, guaranteeing faster learning.

Intensive English / Spanish courses

Our intensive English /Spanish courses are perfect for preparing specific topics in a short time. Whether it’s an important trip, summer vacation, a conference or simply because you want to learn at a faster and smoother pace.

Learn English / Spanish quickly and easily

With our method to learn English / Spanish from scratch, you will be speaking English / Spanish fluently soon. FIRST CLASS IS FREE!

Do you know what level you are?

Have you just started speaking English / Spanish or have you been speaking it for a while? Do you need it for work? Are you a little rusty? Are you going back to school? We have English / Spanish classes for all levels, from zero to the most advanced (C2)

Further information

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What level are you?

We need to know your level before we know which English  / Spanish class you need to sign up to.  Here is our a free English / Spanish level test.
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